Blennerhasset School Flood Book “Do I Need Wellies Today?”

In November and December 2015 our school was flooded five times.

The children have written and illustrated a storybook for families to tell them how we overcame a very difficult time. The book is a series of children’s drawings and they have based the characters on animals you may or may not find in our village.

Some of the characters include a T-Rex, Super Pig, Hulk Frog, worker ants and sheep. The main characters are two geese, Clarence and Matilda who help to rescue the villagers and protect the houses and school.

We worked with a local illustrator called Tim Stead who showed us how we could transfer our creative ideas onto paper. We commissioned Tim to design the front and back covers and for our book and we are delighted with the results.

Our book is being sold to raise money to build a new permanent classroom in place of the log cabin and store we lost in the floods.

You can buy a book for £6.00 using the buttons below.

Do I Need Wellies Today? Book – Collect from the School. £6.00


Do I Need Wellies Today? Book – 1st Class Postage. £6.00 + £1.27 postage


Do I Need Wellies Today? Book – 2nd Class Postage. £6.00 + £1.20 postage