Early Years

At Blennerhasset School we have an Early Years Unit. This is the class where children in Nursery and Reception spend their time.

This is what our indoor learning environment looks like!

008      EYFS      007

The classroom is organised into areas of provision to enable our children to access the resources they need independently. We encourage the children to make choices in their learning and developing independent learning and autonomy is very important to us.


Some of the areas of continuous provision (available every day) are;

Book Area                                            Mark Making Area                                               Construction Area

Wet Sand Area                                    Investigation Station                                           ICT/Computing Area

Water Area                                          Mathematics/Problem Solving Area               Transient Art

Dough/Malleable Area                     Small world Area                                                  Domestic Role Play

Music/Sound making


We follow the EYFS Curriculum and the children’s learning focuses around the seven areas of learning detailed below.

Three Prime Areas:                                                                                         Four Specific Areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development                                          Literacy

Communication and language                                                                     Mathematics

Physical Development                                                                                   Expressive Arts and Design

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                          Understanding the World